Gay Couple ReadingThrough bone-numbing cold, my thoughts
Struggle to reach you, traversing snow-
Crested mountains and ancient shores,
Demands of loves and lifetimes lost, forced
Separations, wearisome decisions, family
And employment, thrusting us apart,
Disappointment, vanished love-lights.

Yet in night’s quiet moments, warmth of
Candle light, I dream of you, and for a
Fleeting moment, we are lovers once again,
On glistening Nova Scotian shores, sunlit
Ocean waves, love we once shared, teaching,
Painting, music composing, God’s blessed
Artistic moments, life’s precious pearls.

Another woman occupies my life now, a
Quiet caring soul who loves me, devoted
Not complicated. We wear wedding rings,
Encircling gold that binds us to each other.
While listening to her rhythmic breathing,
I recollect when we once shared such unisons,
Reassuring mingled breaths that kept hearth
Embers glowing, memories of eternal days.

Time and fate have directed our lives in ways
Not planned nor imagined. In writhing sorrow,
Your love has left, a handsome man to whom
You had given your bounding heart. For his
Grievous wrong, I weep for your pain. For
Your happiness, I am always there as your
Advocate, supportive, non-judgmental.

If our paths could merge anew, I would accept
You, my beautiful dreamer, with welcoming
Arms, no irksome questions or expectations
Other than we walk with willing hands, fingers
Meshed, along high-sloped beaches of our sea
Village, where we found serenity and completion,
Mended memories of days eternal.

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