Atlantic Ocean Dawn, Virginia Coastal Waters.
Atlantic Ocean Dawn, Virginia Coastal Waters.

Ocean dawn, sea-air stillness, quiescent
Wind and waves before sun awakens
Vaporous clouds with turbulent warmth,
Airy luminescent light, first welling waves,
Steady rise and fall of blue swells as night
Recedes, sea shadows give way to ethereal
Morning majesties.

Except for mariners, few know the angle
Of dark night, earth turning, glimmer of
Sun rising on eastern horizon, advancing
Against persistent dark, masthead halo-
Gens burning bright, ocean presence on
Wave-cresting night, plowing cloud-swept
Deeps, promise of redeeming light.

In fair winds, morning has begun, same
Hard duties fishing all night, radiant sun
Has replaced harsh deck lights, trawl net
Extended, otter doors water cutting, more
Sets begin, cables slowly releasing under
Straining weight, boat advancing ahead
At three or four slow knots.

Clockwork of daylight fishing commences,
Summer sun beating down, splash of salty
Spray, trawl deck scuppers water flowing,
Making tons of ice, day operations much
Like that of night, except visibility is more
Enhanced, ships become clear silhouettes,
Not ocean-shimmering distant lights.

Alas, glories of dawn, subtle lights only
Mariners know, will return on mid- and
Morning watch, rosy streaks, sun cloud-
Blended, thousand variations of rising
Light, each one divine blessings to behold,
Sunbeams, waves glistening, transparent
Sphere, mortal eyes and sunrise meet.

Written to rhythm of “Speaking Unto Nations,”
(Beethoven Symphony No. 7 – II,) soundtrack of
“The King’s Speech,” music by Alexandre Desplat.

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