winter-ocean-stormOcean, tonight I know you not, nor may I see
Another dawning morn. Seething sea, I do not
Cower in fearful trepidation, nor can I approach
You as a friend. We share mutual respect and
Admiration, a fragile heart clinging to an immense
Liquid soul, whether on my fishing trawler or
On this shadowy beach, a fragile strand called

Ocean, I have loved you all my life, never betrayed
By fishless seas or by brutal cresting waves.
Tonight, I am fearful and respect your angered,
Unbridled power, threatening to devour. I stand
Alone to face you, relying on years of fidelity. Deny
Me not fierce spraying whitecaps, for I am your
Child, spawned and raised on Avalon’s spruce-
Lined, rocky shores.

Ocean, with waves foam-streaked, wild winds
Wailing, foam is flying, sand stinging, surf
Roaring beyond the highest dunes. I stand
Thoroughly drenched and buffeted beneath
Leaden clouds, rolling waves engulfed in ageless
Deafening swound. Yet, in faith I search for
Moonlit clearing clouds, fleeting glimpse of
Reckoning, distant faint orb of hope.

Ocean, with my breast bare, I give myself to
Thee. Take me as you desire. Pound me with
Turbid surf, cast me to heaving waves, soak my
Hair with salt and sand. Either love me as your
Own or drown me in your depths, body and
Soul relinquished to frothy, heaving brine.
Thus is my stance with or against you tonight
On defiant, tormented land.

Convergence of cloud and spray drove me to
My knees, rolling in freezing waves. I sensed
Death welling from the deeps, countless lives
Lost for naught, their hopes and bones to black
Abyss, graves of silt and sand, shipwrecks,
Encrusted steel, decaying wood, a horrific fate
That called my name, unless I bolted to my
Feet, escaping mariner’s anguished pains.

This poem was written during the Atlantic Ocean
storm, March 24-25th, 2014.


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