“Distant headlands beckon, meadows sunlit, shrill call of peregrine…”

Dream or waking moments, Fundy clifftop
Trail descending, rising, turning, compass
Needle swinging north to south, I stepped
Into another realm, earth arising from dark
Seas. Distant headlands beckoned, meadows
Sunlit, shrill call of peregrine, entangled
Spruce forests, shadowed depths eye-lost.
Beneath scudding clouds, rain showers,
I find myself, belonging place, island
Fixed between sky, purple mainland.

Lo! Upon naked bluffs, sadness, self-doubt
Fell away. I was myself again, who and where
I was supposed to be. Winding trails, when
Mattered not, for I was time-suspended,
Knowing only rising, setting sun, stars and
Moon, sea-lights reflecting upon black air,
All this in flame blending within, stone to
Soul and marrow. Along asending pathways,
I strove, uncertain wilderness to some, my
Island home, honest and forthright.

“Majestic vistas revealed, passions shared wide and wild.”

Amongst morning sea-mist, look for me,
I am there, swift-bright, arms outstretched,
Riding windswept waves, weaving horizon-
Distant clouds, merging seas, basking in
Silver light, moments waking, dreaming,
Singing voices, heavenward refrains, all
This I offer you. Without question, looking
Back, take my hand, my companion be,
Parting primordial waves, majestic vistas
Revealed, passions shared wide and wild.

Feelings and thoughts whilst solo wilderness hiking.
I am in my own timeless world, Spot GPS satellite
pinging to my partner. Thanks for reading.

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