"Otherwise, winter morning was postcard-perfect..." Waterlogue-made image.
“Otherwise, winter morning was postcard-perfect…” Waterlogue-made image.

This Maine winter brought desolate despair,
Nature defeated by moisture and bitter cold,
Farmers lost for answers when bee colonies,
Insulated white eight-frame hives turned
Silent, bee clusters, minute echoes of war-
Ming wings lost to below-zero nights, fears
Of widespread colony collapse.

Otherwise, winter morning was postcard-
Perfect, brilliant low-angled rising sun, frosty
Breath, snow-covered dormant fields, awaiting
Spring seeding, fertile black earth first turned
For growing season, yet solemn beehives were
Like snow-swept tombstones, lifeless without
Benefit of funerary flowers.

Grief and uncertainty were stolid farmer’s lot,
They recognized ancestral bee dependency,
Air-transporting minute pollen grains, fertili-
Zing vegetables and fruit. Using tiny signals,
Nectar-seeking bees communicated distance
And direction, sunny fields alive with buzzing,
Workers and drones performing engrained tasks.

Across Maine, beekeepers suffered losses,
Some worse than Down-East farmers, where
Hand-placed stone fences once led to rows of
Healthy hives with young queens. Yes, Mainers
Are resilient, stubbornness running bone-
Deep. Come spring they will rebuild their bee
Colonies and prepare for food-dearth winters.

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