November Maine sunrise courtesy of Steve Train, @fvhattierose.

Turned clocks back one hour, messed
Up sunrise and sunset, winter coming,
Shorter days, colder nights, rough for
Maine lobstermen, worse they say for
Grand Manan, Bay of Fundy grey zone.
This morning, I drink another cup of
Coffee, pack lunch, mid-morning sun
Still lingering at horizon’s edge, cold
Unforgiving light, frost on diamond
Deck-plate, foot-stomping, breath
Steaming, Thanksgiving this week.

Winter gales, hard push against the
Wheelhouse, waves rising up, foam-
Streaked. Night-black against sunrise,
Or catch angle just right, off the beam,
Wave crests turn translucent, light of
Rising sun. Bucking headwinds going
Out, or worse yet, bone tired, returning
Home, red on right returning, wind-
Shield speckled with freezing spray.
Diesel throttled back, pushing through
Ocean swells, rolling off stern quarter.

“Wave crests turn translucent, light of rising sun…”

My work done, Sunday rest, time for
Thanks with and for family, friends,
Another year working lobster traps,
Summer heat, brash ice, bobbing
Buoys from Portland to Stonington,
Hard way of life few understand or
Appreciate, sunrise on ocean, east
Pushing toward rose-streaked skies,
Snagging buoy lines, hauling, soaking
Lobster traps. Happy Thanksgiving
From rocky coast of Maine.

Best wishes for Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for reading.

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