Maine spring rituals, late snow on budding
Daffodils, warming sunlight weakens winter’s
Hold, wonderous transformation seen from
Cottage door, windows. Across hillsides
Come greening trees, flowering meadows.
Pleasures of rambling streams, cascading
Waterfall, ice-covered rockface no more,
Sweet tasting, chilly water numbing pale
Toes, feet, one misstep, wading wait deep.

Amongst feeders, migrating birds return,
Relying on seeds, fruity suet cakes, resting
Day or two before proceeding northeast
Along coastal flyways. As last year, will we
Have pairs of summer-nesting bluebirds?
Unlike fearless chickadees, bluebirds are
So weary, especially when visiting kitchen
Window feeders, ceiling light must be off,
In silence, we remain breathless-still.

Whilst in winter’s grip, we begin ritual of
Vegetable seedlings, oft more passion than
Necessity, promise that subzero nights will
Give way, sun shining higher-brighter in
Maine skies. Thus, we scour planting charts:
dates, weeks, last frost (anyone’s guess),
Rows and depths, planting first week of May,
Enduring (ignoring?) each other’s stubborn
Preferences for best tomatoes.  

What would Maine spring rituals be without
Boat repairs? Aside from vegetable gardens,
Boats, lines, lobster traps, gloves, boots,
Painting color-striped buoys are talk at local
Docks and early-opening grocery stores –
4 am in Stonington, grabbing several Dunkin’
Iced coffees to go, couple packs of cigarettes,
Maine lobster fishers run on jolting doses of
Caffeine, nicotine as their boats burn diesel.   

Just a few of Maine spring rituals, thanks for
reading on this frosty April morn.

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