Weather-clearing Bay of Fundy clouds.

Warming days on Maine foreshores, my face
Wind-sun burnished, dark sea remains cold.
No peace exists between surf and stone,
Continual strife and turbulence reflect my
Solitary life and feelings, first steps into
Waves, primal forces awash on bare feet,
Legs, skirt surf-swirling. Beach loneliness
Preferred, windy walks, gradual dawning
Colours, southeast distant sunrises.

Overnight, April snow stretched from nearby
Campobello Isle along Maine coastline, skiff
Grass-covering. Broom in hand, I cleared
Cottage steps. By noon, skies partly cleared,
Clouds stretching some seven nautical miles
To Grand Manan headlands. Whilst verse-
Shared, solitary experiences meant more.
Few can fathom connection of land to sea
Or Fundy-faring woman such as myself.

Cold spring mornings, retrospective moods,
I take lemon and ginger herbal tea, steaming
Hot. Whilst cooling, I place the clear-glass
Mug in sunlight, few sips, such wondrous
Glow inside and out, peace and quiet best
Best experienced alone, at times by firelight.
For now, I’ll walk tree-lined gravel lane,
Rising sun, sea breeze playing with budding
Branches, eastern edge of Maine. 

Thanks for reading. 

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