“Girl from Village, Robert Brackman, 1960, WikiArt.

Listless girl from shipwreck found, no
Others were alive, child swept up by
Rescuing arms to stone cottage, rocky
Coast, Isle au Haut, Maine. “Tween life
And deaths she is, her body and soul
Unsprung. We must beckon her home,”
Old lobsterman stated from experienced
Years. “She has none,” woman advised.”
“Her parents are certainly dead.” “Then
Her mother’s voice you must be, talk
Gently at her ear, call child by name, all
Others must get blankets, pray aloud to
Christ and to Mother Mary.”

“Who are you, old man?” “Thurman,” he
Replied. “Bodies I have seen life-clinging
In surf, lapping at my boots.” “I’m Sarah,
Oft we have recognized your boat, traps
And sails in bays, thus connections made.
“Call her by any name, so she will come
Home to you, to us. Kathy, come back
To us.” “Say ‘mother,’ Theron added,
Rubbing arms and legs. “Kathy, this is
Mother, come back to us. Cough brought
Up seawater, when child gasped, “Mother,
I am here!” death had lost its grip.

Neighbors’ helping hands, prayers of
Thanks, Thurman and Sarah together stood,
Girl child’s eyes blinking, coughing still,
Mind dazed, soul amongst clouds, entire
Family dead, yet she was gifted second
Chance at life. “Go to voices calling,” her
Sea-lost family said. Old Thurman and
Sarah, fishing widow, adopted orphaned
Girl from shipwreck rocks. Name Kathy
She accepted, new family sea-storm cast
On spruce-clad Isle au Haut.

Poem of adoption, new family formed by shipwreck and
happenstance on rocky Maine Islands.  

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