Awakening from dreams, I did not know when
Or where I was, painted seashores, romance,
Younger woman, single kiss before we parted,
Perplexed by contradictions, life spiraling
Beyond our control. Arm cramped, hand cold,
I startled awake, through misty windows, sun-
Gathering morn, I attempted reconciling
Predawn stage acts cascading through my
Mind, continuing in moments rousing.

Though I do recall our parting, her bright
Eyes confused by our embrace, tenderness
Equally shared, kisses given and received.
Shell-lined beach I strove from no one ever
Known, but kisses I still tasted at this writing.
Few sips of mind-clearing tea, I remained  
In chosen solitude on Maine coastline, where
This morn, clouds opaque descended on
Crashing seas, obscuring all from sight.

Fog obscuring all from sight, yet not from
Ever-luring sound, cold waves, crashing surf
On unforgiving stone ledges, small rocky out-
Croppings, some with, without trees, minute
Notations on navigational charts. From high-
Sloped pebbled beach, I stepped waist-deep
Into freezing waters, sea’s harsh embrace, my
Hope, wiping errant dreams away. Yet, frigid
Waves removed not memory of my lover,
Or of us, two bathers lost to sea dreams.  

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