Quiet evening at docks, Stonington, Maine.
Quiet evening at docks, Stonington, Maine.

Rethinking winter, green Christmas, and
December lobster season, meeting at Café
In Stonington, we combined gear, lines
And brick-weighted traps for deep-water
Lobsters north of Isle au Haut, running
Forty-foot “Kayze Lynn” enclosed heated
Cabin, weekly runs hauling traps.

Listening on marine VHF, lobstermen and
Women rethink winter, Christmas come
And gone, except for unpaid bills, back on
The water again, snowing at Lebec. We rig
Traps, herring bait, making sixty-fathom
Lines, gathering banded poly balls, moving
Gear from dock to boat.

Marine weather forecast, coastal small craft
Advisories, waves 3 to 4 feet, north winds
15 to 20 knots with fog, gales on Gulf of
Maine, nights in low-20s, still no freezing
Spray, we’ll push off at first light, heavy
Loaded, bait buckets, long lines, buoys,
Traps, and rolling poly-balls.

Misty approach to Isle au Haut from Stonington, Maine.
Misty approach to Isle au Haut from Stonington, Maine.

Isle au Haut emerging in morning mist,
Glint of rising sun, southeast corner of the
Sky, we are plowing cold chop towards Fog
Island and Green Ledges, sternman dropping
Trawl lines, weighted traps splashing, biting
Wind, hard-fisted spray, rethinking winter
Lobstering off rocky coast of Maine.

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