Atlantic Ocean shore, Acadia National Park, Maine.
Atlantic Ocean shore, Acadia National Park, Maine.

To love fervently and with passion is a
Blessing few know, crazed hearts, swept
Away by desires, vast and ocean-deep,
Without concern for tomorrow or fear of
Darksome tears, harkening sorrows.

For in those singular moments, when we
First recognized the bloom of love anew,
Our eye lights blended radiantly into one
And forever more I belonged to you, a
Completion, heaven’s clear light defined,
Gentle touches defying condemning stones.

In time our strengths collided, two women
Who made a living on the ocean, one who
Trawled deep-sea canyons, the other
Guarded sweeping shores. In many ways,
Vexing and delightful, we are mirror images,
Mimicking souls, feeling love’s caresses,
Life’s pathos tellingly the same.

Atlantic Ocean shore of Acadia National Park, Maine.
Atlantic Ocean shore of Acadia National Park, Maine.

Perhaps startling realization overwhelmed
My fragile heart, and in fear or missing
Nova Scotia, I escaped to distant Maine.
Here, in discerning light, amongst consoling
Spruce trees, familiar wander-song of surf
Upon rock, I found solace at sea-edge,
Wisdom of waves, quiet meditations.

If you still love me, and I pray you do,
I will accept your sturdy hand in marriage.
I am, nonetheless, a hardy woman of Atlantic
Canada, where a hungering tug of churning
Seas, broad and fierce, will always stir my
Soul, daughter of Dr. Hayes, searching for
The Open Polar Sea, transient polynya,
Shared passions, love and life magnified.

A turning point in life, a new journey beginning with Meredith.


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