Can you hear voices calling?  New verses
Welling from within, visceral feelings years
Denied, now unthwarted, uncharted, horizon
Rising anew. “Come now, find new life, greater
Visions.” Take hold, leave dark waters, purge
Pain from heart, soul. Yes, it oft requires
Retreating steps, undoing dreamt impossible.
Sleepless nights asking, “Why do I live this
Way, in self-imposed undertow?” Am I not
Woman of equal mind and muscle?

One crisp morning, night-frosted grass, silver
Sheen of first morning light, hard heart throbs,
Distant land beckons. Thunderclap realization,
“I know this place, my true belonging, beyond
Earth and sky.” No, it will not be easy, uprooting,
Leaving, setting new roots upon unrelenting
Stony ground. “What price tears?” you ask.
“What price moaning cry? Self-assuring deep
Breath, for remaining years, I will rule my
Fate, be wonder of other’s eyes.  

Yes, I have known this far-off place, left it,
And yearn return: snow-heavy clouds,
Dirty weather, short summers, wild-flower
Meadows, hiking amongst sunlit ferns,
Meandering birch-tree trails, moments
Resting, sipping from cold, clear waterfalls.
Why do I cry upon leaving and returning?
Because connections are oft too great to
Bear, as I must forgive myself, straying
From Maine headlands of home.

Written whilst listening to “Quiet” by MILCK. 
After watching this video, does this poem have new meaning?

Thanks for reading. 

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