As retired lobsterman, I’m oft asked what do
I remember most, what did I like best, for few
Moments, I thought knowingly, my answer:
Timeless dawns on Gulf of Maine, each with
Its own character, sunlight beaming upon
Majestic state-grey clouds, horizons pitching
And sea-dark, images touching heart, mind.

Needed were decades to appreciate such sun-
Rises, ultimately I realized what many could
Not fathom, enormity of sea-skies. As ice-sheets
Retreated, before man fronted Maine and her
Islands, time marked advent of new era on this
Continent, radiant light re-emerging on velvet
Seas, lobsterman blessed beyond his years.

With retirement approaching, perspectives
Changed, end of lobstering meant less hard
Labours but not life on the water. Now I take
Time to hike these islands and the Acadia
Park to hike where others before me and my
Family struggled to survive, under that low-
Angle sun, giving Maine different light.

When appreciating geologic erratic boulders,
Glacially deposited, linear scoured bedrock,
Signatures of antiquity, old as sea and sun, it
Allowed pause to consider far greater things,
Changing environment, then and now, lobsters
And declining cod fisheries, viewing my finite
Station in different light.

With you I can share these moments, in silence
And solemnity, cup of coffee in hand, amongst
Sea-swells of Gulf of Maine, leaving well before
Dawn, motoring just south of east, I know that
Heading well, except we won’t snagging buoys
Or hauling traps, we will be perceiving Maine
Sunrises in different light.

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