"Father and son, red barns and lobster boats..."
“Father and son, red barns and lobster boats…”

Maine lobstermen and farmers are much
The same, waking before dawn, spring
Preparation of boats and tractors, lobster
Boats leaving harbours, cutwater plowing
Waves, steel plow pulled deep in yielding
Earth, acts of faith, bills to pay, weather
Watching, soaking traps, sowing seeds,
Rocky fields and shores, kinship at the
Wheel, hard labours, facing risks.

Generations of Mainers have made livings
This way, father and son, red barns and
Lobster boats, rich earth and bottom muck,
Short seasons, winter reluctantly releases
Cold grip, March and April, short working
Summers, water and land, hauling traps,
Tending fields, selling lobsters, farmers
Markets, fresh vegetables, cutting, splitting
Wood, hard days before red-leafed fall.

Perhaps these similarities keep lobstermen
And farmers going, nods and handshakes at
Local diners, hardware stores, needs of one,
Often needs of others, changing oil, new
Filter, more repairs, full tank of diesel, final
Harvests made, more daylight needed, less
Light each day, low-angled Maine sun. Yet,
These weeks are a blessing, collapsing in
Bed, Tylenol, alarm clocks set.

"Farmers markets, fresh vegetables..."
“Farmers markets, fresh vegetables…”

Men and women of community, they often
Lend helping hands, kids in same schools,
Ball teams, attending church bazaars. Word
Travels fast about marriages, graduations,
Separations and divorce, who retired or
Cannot, boats or farm equipment for sale,
Twenty, thirty years came and went, life
Of fields plowed, traps dropped, Maine
farmers and lobstermen much the same.

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