“I am here for her, buoy and anchor, she same for me…”

It’s more than hot dogs and hamburgers, Memorial
Day, especially when my partner, military spouse,
Stands next to me at family cookout, woman on
Active duty. Things we don’t discuss, but detailed
In signed, legal documents in safety deposit box,
Medical power of attorney, worst outcome, funeral
Arrangements, cremation, ashes spread, place of
Our honeymoon, tearfully transformed from ocean
Pony seashore to cemetery, windswept memorial
To our life-love, to our marriage.

Beyond this single day of ceremonies, life and
Marriage continues, early mornings, uniforms,
Awaiting orders, multi-month deployments,
Scheduling holidays, surgeries, emergencies in
Her absence, life as a military spouse, concerns
At home and far away. It’s real, demanding, and
Rewarding for us both. I am here for her, buoy
And anchor, she same for me. What words
Sustain me, her, or us? Living memories, loving
Eyes, caring words on this Memorial Day.

Thanks for reading.

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