"We are an ocean storm, clouds colliding...
“We are an ocean storm, clouds colliding…

Educated and well read, we attracted
Each other, intellect equal in respective
Fields, acquaintanceship, passions rising
To starry heights, beyond rationality, one
Consumed with the other until love was
Evoked. Yet, we both knew such tender
Mercies were not true.

We are an ocean storm, clouds colliding,
Thunder and lightning, dark streak on
Horizon’s edge, gale winds moaning,
Foam-streaked waves heaving, cresting
And falling, surf breaking, two seabirds
Sailing, where others cast envious gazes
From safety of sandy shores.

O! Brightly burning flame! Sacrificial rites,
Shared breaths, yielding breasts, dwelling
In your temple naos, cleft forests, tasting
Pungent streams, sacred motion of life,
Mortal and divine. By rising and setting
Sun, bright moon also, my body a living
Altar, I give myself to thee.

"Reclining Nude," Frederick Bazille, WikiArt photo.
“Reclining Nude,” Frederick Bazille, WikiArt photo.
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