“Allegory of Peace and War,” Pompeo Batoni, 1776, Wikimedia.

In darkness I wept, neither dead nor alive,
Clutching dream-memories, another life,
Another time, seated next to you, loving
You, Suppliant, Sphinx* plays performed,
Evening cool, music pleasant, life-stories
Recounted, soul-engrained moments. My
Legs in your lap, sandals loosened, head
Against your shoulder. Love outside of
Marriage, so right-seeming, together, two
Souls wrested, our starry fates collided.

Another dream, or progression of self,
Towering stairway, reflective bronze doors,
Post and lentil frame, ancient essence, few
Could enter, upwards rising. Against waiting
Crowd, we pushed toward each other. No,
I would not leave without you. Thoughtful
Smile, wishes understood: if separated, I go
First, my place, heavenly heights secured,
Ascending purple air.

Darkness I returned, lonely exile, my soul
Lifeless leaf, colour-faded, past lifetimes,
Windblown-lost amongst thousand others.
Is there no reprieve from nothingness? O!
How I thirsted for gay refrains of summer,
Chance for life renewed, resurrection of
Buried bones, I care not what form, male
Or female, living, breathing, residing once
Again near flowing steams, green pastures,
My new-found face sun-warmed.

The Suppliant Maidens and The Sphinx, plays by Aesculus.
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