Clouds Æther-sent becalmed wind and waves.
Clouds Æther-sent becalmed wind and waves.

Part 4: Realization

When Lexine awakened from her wine-induced
Dionysian dream, her suitor naked beside
Her on Attic pasturelands, no oasis existed,
No temple, no “Swallow Songs” papyri, her
Experiences only vivid dreams. Stirrings in
Her abdomen told her she had conceived,
Not with Christ-adored Zalen.

Lexine knew of Christianity, devoted followers
Occupying abandoned temples of Greek gods.
Yearning for her calling, she ventured to
Lapping shores of Ægean Seas, no divine
Whispers beckoned for ocean pilgrimages,
No merchant sailing ship to Sicily, clouds
Æther-sent becalmed wind and waves.

Two-hundred years later, church elders con-
Vened Council of Nicaea, adopting, rejecting
Gospels, collections at Library at Alexandria.
Narrowly they defined Christianity, temples
Destroyed, mystics killed, libraries burned
To ground. As if by divine plan, desert-buried
Papyri gospels survived to the Current Era.

Mummy Portrait of a Young Woman, 3rd Century, Louvre, Paris, Wikipedia photo. For this poem, Lexine.
Mummy Portrait of a Young Woman, 3rd Century, Louvre, Paris, Wikipedia photo. For this poem, Lexine.

Archaeologists found temple walls jutting from
Wind-shifting Libyan sands, burial crypt and
Mummy portrait exposed. Ancient bones of
Greek woman, her towel-wrapped skeletal child
Excavated, bracelet of Dionysus, papyri-filled
Urns unearthed, Christ-inspired “Swallow
Songs,” scholars coded “Cyrene Gospels.”

After analysis of bones and artifacts, biblical
Researchers never identified Lexine, esoteric Aramaic writings, language spoken by Jesus
And his disciples during first century A.D.
Brittle papyri fragments remain sequestered
And preserved, unique narrative visions of
Christ’s teaching and spirituality.

“How can you prove whether at this moment we are sleeping, and all our
thoughts are a dream; or whether we are awake, and talking to one another
in the waking state?”

Whilst not a comparative discussion of Dionysus and Christ, these poems were written in spirit of  “Homeric Hymns,” including “Hymn to Dionysus” with adaptation of “New Testament” scriptures. For now, Lexine and Zalen have returned to Æther.


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