II. Kryillos’ Reward – Longevity

"Akropolis," Leo von Klenze, 1846, Wikimedia photo.
“Akropolis,” Leo von Klenze, 1846, Wikimedia photo.

For months, Kryillos unveiled secrets of the Holy
Tablets, providing followers insight to gods divine.
For faithful work, Athena granted Kryillos longevity,
For she foresaw Battle of  Tanagra, Spartan soldiers
Fighting Athenians, bestowing Kryillos a magical
Bronze bracelet, when battle-injured, he would not
Succumb from mortal wounds.

“During combat, remove not this bracelet from your
Right wrist,” Athena instructed Kryillos. “When
Removed, wash it only with clear water or ocean
Surf. In doing so, you will live to see your grand-
Children playing at sea-edge, to have them by your
Side.” As an obedient soldier, Kryillos took to bended
Knee in deep gratitude for favor amongst the gods.

Battles of Athens’ Long Walls brought thousands into
War, countless wounded, as many killed. Protected
Travel corridors from Athens to Piræus provided
Safe port access to Ionian Seas and regional authority.
During wall battles, Kryillos fought Athenians until
His shield shattered, receiving stabbing chest injuries
From a Xiphos, a short, thrusting sword.

Severely bleeding, Kryillos was neither dead nor alive,
Losing blood more than he could survive. In divine
Light, Athena healed Kryillos’ wounds, purposefully
Leaving him too weak to fight. Broken as a soldier,
Kryillos returned to Athena’s temple, through animal
Blood-letting sacrifice, she gradually restored his health,
Tablet transcribing, goddess adoration.

“If things do not turn out as we wish, we should wish for them as they turn out.”  
― Aristotle, “Metaphysics.”     

This concludes Part 2 of 4. The next section is “III, Hidden Tablet – Secrets Revealed.”

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