“Mary Magdalene,” Guido Reni, 1616, WikiArt.

Part 3: Kypris’ Metamorphosis (Last)

Entrance appearing tomb-like, sanctuary
Of Tempe, unbolted portal of learning,
Enlightenment, Kypris reading, studying
During day, her night dreams invaded,
Voices of ancient deities, her mind lifted,
Stretched, 1000 epochs past, darkness
Chaos swallowed, agonized nothingness,
Bronze threshold beyond divine reach,
Until defiant spark. Flaming krater bowl,
“I am light! I am creation!” Nascent
Universe released, struggling, disjoined,
Substance given, movement in unison.

Sleeping trance, Kypris witnessed designs
Anew, light heart-instilled, touched by
Primeval thought, enveloped in luminous
Cloud, holy presence, two words mind-
Spoken words: “Follow me!” That from
Which she was created, visited, blessings
Bestowed, living breath instilled, chest
Heaving, body quaking. Alas! Deific raging
Wave, without beginning or end, marrow-
Deep metamorphosis, Kypris awakened,
New creation, hair and face bronze-
Burnished, enlightened eyes and soul.

O! How Kypris feels taller, body and mind
Strained, restore mortal form, fruit and
Honeyed bread, for greatest challenges await
Divine prophetess, remember always love
Of mourning mother’s gift, amber amulet.
When bronze door is unsealed, she will be
No more, desiccating stone-buried bones.
Lo! Torch transferred, she was once you,
Places exchanged, divine servants, life not
Your own, service to others. All earthly
Things are dust-transient, hopeless wounds,
Save one honoured above all: selfless love.

Thousand days passed, preparation, verses
Kypris learned, teaching, guiding, admonish-
Ment of men’s deeds, all pitiful things hurtful
And servile awaited her, mettle tested beyond
Mortal strength. Yet, living well from which
She drank, fathomless cool waters, as was her
Dwelling place: unshakable, everlasting faith.
Arise! Tempe bronze door unsealed, Kypris
Stepped into sun-rising light, elders, villagers
Greeting, sick, infirm all around, demands
Made upon her strength, steps staggering,
To rocky ground Kypris collapsed.

“Went into Hill Country,” Vasily Polenov, 1894, WikiArt.

Cool cloth upon her forehead, villagers
Rubbing arms and legs, sips of watered-
Wine, bites of fruit, lifted to nearby oxen
Cart, Kypris remembered nothing of
Thousand days entombed. Down rambling
Mountain trails, her body benumbed by
Bumping ride, villagers returned Kypris
To her shepherding cottage, familiar music
Of sheep bells, life as she once knew it,
Seclusion of spruce-clad hills, except
Deific thoughts burst forth: “I am light!
I am creation!” By fiery crucible divine,
Œtean mountain prophetess awakened.

This series of poems concludes with Part 3. Yes, potential exists for additional
parts, as suggested by: “…all pitiful things hurtful and servile awaited her,
mettle tested beyond mortal strength.” After seeing these, I did not to include
them. Thanks for reading.

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