“Mother at Funeral of her Child,” Nikolai Ge, WikiArt.

Part 2: Mother’s Amulet Gift

Last look outside of tomb, Kypris studied
Faces of villagers and elders, all gathered
Round, broad daylight, trees and sky, for
1000 days locked within, clothes upon her
Back, no drink or food, to elders nodded,
Kypris stepped inside, woman lunged
Forth, gift of amulet. “In memory of my
War-killed husband, sons, both born of
Wooded hills and fields.” Into Kypris’
Hands folded, mother’s kind eyes, kiss
Goodbye, another lost to dark tombs,
Bronze door closed, yet no darkness fell.

“I am light! I am creation!” blazing krater
Bowl announced, hovering upended, face
Flaming. “Kypris, portal you have entered,
Repository of thought divine, memories,
Scripture.” Before Kypris, flame took
Human form. “Child, welcome, we are
Essence of deific recollection.” Fiery hands
Upon her forehead touched, thunderbolts
Heart-shattering, sighted vision, gift of
Languages bestowed, verses on papyri,
Vellum rolls Kypris read, understood.
“To what avail?” shepherdess inquired.

Peace! My daughter! Peace! Atop Tempe vale
You reside, afoot gods’ glorious panoply,
Cradle of ancient knowledge and wisdom,
Heavenly chords, voices of prophesy, welling
Fount from which all earthly rivers flow,
Origins of faith, incarnations of gods in
Human form, lifting eyes skyward, gave
Praise to living light. By such sight-sounds
Mortals wept, heart-soul overwhelmed. Lo!
Kypris within sealed portal, all this mind-
Flowing, rest now in ageless placid sleep,
Your soul gestates in prophetic womb.

O! Revelations! Kypris to knees fell, niches
Reserved not for bones of dead, but chisel-
Hewn for sleeping souls, gifted amulet,
Mother’s love, most precious sacrificed:
Husband, sons, memories assuaged in
Amber stone, love and kindness, passing
Time allaying deep distress. What soul-
Soothing words from ancient scrolls would
Kypris grieving widow-mother provide,
Bronze door unbolted in 1000 days?

“Christ and His Mother Studying Scripture,” Henry Ossawa Turner, 1910, WikiArt.

Awaken child! All round Kypris sunrise,
Pink-orange clouds, revealed pilgrimage
Morn, portal of divine sanctuary. Most
Ancient of vellum rolls, metallic symbols
Affixed thereon, by finger touch, thoughts
Conveyed, memory ingrained, deific meta-
Morphosis of fleshed bone. No religions
Existed in eyes of gods, love infinite within
Human soul: gifts of healing, prophesy,
Teaching, reflections of divine, mother’s
Amulet offering, loving kindness, such
Simplicity staggered Kypris’ soul.

Age-old questions: What is mortal? Divine or mortal-divine? Who does
gift-bearing mother represent? After such loss, why does she feel need
to give her amulet to Kypris? Perhaps simple kindness is divinity within,
greatest of all gifts. 
Thanks for reading.
Written whilst listening to “Metamorphosis 1” by Philip Glass, Bruce Brubaker.

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