"Leda," Gustave Moreau, 1880, WikiArt.
“Leda,” Gustave Moreau, 1880, WikiArt.

Part 3: Bloodstained Stone

Upon Cretan ocean shores, Kypris dreamt
Of flying swans, feathered sailing ships
Navigating, winging amongst sea-winds,
Thousands beyond grasp of mortal eyes,
Heavens uplifting, her heart ascending,
Godly visions on wingéd heights. On kays
Uncharted, they descended, countless
Numbers, pairs life-mating, beckoning
Call of sentinel trumpeters, dozens rising
And landing, flying overhead, cacophony
Of throated hymns of praise.

Adoring flight, majestic swan landed at
Kypris’ feet, surf-edge dance of wings and
Arms, feathers embracing face and breasts,
White gown wind-streaming into waves,
Imperious dark-beaked eyes, tug of surf,
Advancing wings, seduction of undulating
Neck and head, entangled on evening beach,
Kypris rising to orgiastic flight, rhythm of
Beating wings, swan swooned, her chalice
Fulfilled, Kybele cloud emerging, Kypris
Ascending starry skies.

O! Kypris, what divine egg you carry within
Blesséd womb! Jovian moons orbing banded
Celestial light, machinations of Kybele, by
Swan-goddess you were conceived, creation
Of sky-father deity, awareness quickening,
Far-reaching solar flames. We speak pro-
Phesies known and foreseen, fates immortal,
Kypris commingled with seed-spouting swan,
Lightning flashes within, abdomen moon-
Rising round. Upon ethereal heights, he
Will anoint you “Sister dear!”

Saint Mary Magdalene of the Desert, Jusepe de Ribera, c. 1641, WikiArt photo.
“Saint Mary Magdalene of the Desert,” Jusepe de Ribera, c. 1641, WikiArt.

Within Cretan cave, Kypris’ water broke,
Body bathed in divine light, startled heart
And eyes, newborn god of flesh and blood,
Head, arms and legs struggled forth, first
Earthly breath, strength and might Kybele
Realized. Finest creation, goddess spirited
Child away, replaced with cloth-swaddled
Stone to Kypris’ arms, such maternal horrors
Ensured secrecy of infant Zeus. Clutching
Bloodstained stone at her breast, Kypris
Cried, “From what world did you come?”

Variation of mythological birth of Zeus, Kypris is his surrogate
mother. In most histories, Kybele or other god-creating deity,
swaddles a stone that was swallowed whole by Kronos.
For more, see this link: http://www.theoi.com/Olympios/Zeus.html

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