"Andromeda," Edward Poynter, 1869, Wikipedia.
“Andromeda,” Edward Poynter, 1869, Wikipedia.

Part 2: Sanguineous Surf Outpouring

Combined form and face, Kypris and Kybele,
Mortal maiden, Mater Theon, two minds, one
Body to embrace, reckoning of gods, time as
Molten stone, liquefied, malleable, Kybele’s
Resurrection on ancient Crete. Young Kypris
Awakened, naked body shackled to massive
Sea-stone, arms and legs chained, over-washed
By breaking waves, mercurial water column
Arose, male form assuming, erect standing,
Genesis of ocean deities, sea life.

Kypris’ receptive womb, burgeoning with
Life, virgin body taken, rivulets of blood sea
Flowing, rhythmic thrusts of creation, waves
Cresting, breaking, Kypris rose to orgiastic
heights. “In what world am I?” she asked,
Divine lioness emerging from briny depths,
Undaunted welling spring, milky tide came in,
Rock crashing, promethean shackles broken,
Quickening of life: fins, scales, and tentacles
Womb breaching, sanguineous surf outpouring.

O! Machinations divine, Kypris obeyed as
Kybele decreed, maternal wound source of
Neptune and sea life, salty waves mingled
with maiden’s flesh and bone, scaly creatures
Swimming round her feet awaiting milk of
Buoyant breasts. Into ocean Kypris slipped,
Hair sea-streaming, Oceanid embraced, eggs
Of spawning fish released in dark-fathomed
Depths, propelled by constant waves, Kypris
Asked, “What watery world is this?”

"Nurturer of Jupiter," D. Jeffery Mims, WikiArt.
“Nurturer of Jupiter,” D. Jeffery Mims, WikiArt.

Upon beaches of ancient Crete, Kypris washed,
Body bred for re-creation of ocean deities and
Life, to mortal body Kybele returned, face and
Form combined, basking in sunlight, returning
To sequestered cave, Kybele’s newborn babe,
His identity and powers concealed, child of
Thunderous lightning, divine command and
Strength yet realized, though Kybele knew his
Might, varied forms, and delights, another god
She would procreate with Kypris’ fertile womb.

Re-creation of genesis, gods and life on earth, Kybele elects different
course than recorded in mythology, therefore, altering 
events and
reactions of higher or competing gods.  

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