“The Sower,” James Tissot, WikiArt.

Too young to understand, solemn ceremony,
Weeping parents, families gathered, elder-
Father awakened not this morn, aged body
Laid to rest, spirit sky-rising to eternal light.
Thus, death was explained, body bed linen-
Swathed, spruce and laurels, buried in winter-
Dormant wheat fields. Lost to us were Elder-
Father’s field sowing and scared mysteries
He observed, Ceremony of Seeds.

As maiden gleaner, plowed earth I related,
Hard work harvesting wheat in sheaves, rituals
To goddess, tiny seeds were as buried bodies,
Generations of elder-fathers through my fingers
Flowed, sown to scattering winds. Such images
To my heart arose, for I yearned divine under-
Standing as elder-father knew, life and death
Earth passing, awakened spirits, I prayed for
Blesséd wisdom of secret cults and rites.

Into starlit night I strove amongst winter
Barren fields, my naked body moonlight pale,
As offering given, evoking wheat to grow.
Chanted melodies fashioned as I sang. All
Night wandering, I prayed at elder-father’s
Grave. Upon sunrise, visions I received, name
Of goddess too difficult to speak, earth rising,
Deific heart so moved, herself released from
Months of darkest captivity.

“The Gleaner,” Jules Breton, 1900, WikiArt.

“Periphona!” she spoke aloud. “Phersephassa!”*
She announced. Alas! Ancient goddess known
By many names, generations of elder-parents
Tilling fertile Attic plains. Lo! Rustic rituals
I understood, tiny seeds scattered onto ground,
Green leaflets released from captivity, spirits
Rising heavenward to sun and rain, growing
Seasons revealed. Grown woman, I am Kora,
Sacred mysteries followed, Ceremony of Seeds.

For more on celebrated ancient mysteries, including
goddesses Demeter and her daughter, *Persephone, see this link:

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