Kisses in the rain...
Kisses in the rain…

Gloomy beach, sea clouds scudding, you
And me, skin-drenched, ankle deep in surf,
Misty moments shared, now time-frozen,
Fleeting caress, receptive eyes said more,
Ocean retreating at our feet, we stood in
Steadying embrace, kisses in the rain.

Such was our beginning, two women on
Ocean shores, separate lives and home
Buoys, sea currents shared, drifting port
To starboard, eddies spiraling, sailing
round we went, sweet solitude amongst
Winter grassy dunes, kisses in the rain.

“We can make fresh start, cloud-swept rocky cliffs…”

Return with me to coast of Maine, we can
Make fresh start, cloud-swept rocky cliffs,
Give love a chance in foaming surf, spruce-
Clad lobster islands, foggy days and sunny
Breaks, overlooking deep bays, you and
Me at Stonington, kisses in the rain.

Memories of kisses in the rain at Stonington,
Acadia National Park, Maine. 

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