“Andromeda,” John R. S. Stanhope, Wikipedia.

Chained naked to stone wall, arms and leg
Splayed, forced to stand on tiptoes, pungent
Powders inhaled, brain to flame transformed.
My body, earth around me quaked, dozen
Cymbals clanging. “What do you see?” priests
Shouted. “What is revealed?” “O! Earth seen
From lightning clouds,” I gasped. “Armies
Marching, ships of sail, earthquakes, sea-
Storms, calamities of man.” Such horrors
Unimagined, from this day, I, Kandakē,
Delphic Oracle became, mind and body
Detached, fumes rising from stone fissure.

Kings and generals bow to me, burnt offerings
Made, blood of animals spilled to crater bowls,
Entrails read, coins of silver and gold, prayers
And hymns the mighty raise to gods, for they
Fear me as immortal ones, petitioners downcast
With single sight, few words, from two legs to
Four, fall like wallowing beasts, for I know not
Love, compassion, sympathy, only what is god-
Revealed, victory or death, balms or angst. My
Bosom unmoved, I care not which, better basket-
Bearing girl than battle-defeated. O! Seek death-
Ushering  poisons.

“Priestess of Delphi,” John Collier, 1891, Wikipedia.

For those of good heart, who honour gods on
Humble knees, who shed lovely garments for
Beggar’s rags, who grieve loss, in tears, seek
Learning and peace, fate of family, audience
I shall give, questions asked, guidance given.
How sunlight fills your skies! Fates and furies
Bent upon my sighted word, protected life
Amongst ancient groves, loved ones fed and
Clothed, destinies of living or souls soothed
By heaven’s sylvan trees, all that can, will be
Bestowed. Enter my sanctum, come now to
Ears and voice of gods.

For more on Delphic Oracles and their statements, see this link:

Written whilst listening to “Obscured by Clouds,” Pink Floyd, 1972, 2016 remix:

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