Like twists of a kaleidoscope, our
Romance is whimsical and vibrant,
At times unpredictable, always alive.
For today we love; tomorrow we are
Silent as a night winter sky. No text
Messages, no cordial words on the
Phone. We self-consciously separate
In space and time.

You send a single text: “Love you lots.”
Without question or reflection,
We hasten to each other. Colliding
Colors, intricate patterns elevate us to
Dizzying heights. Our bed pungent with
Love, nights dissolves to sunrise.
Candles melt to shimmering pools.

Episodic again, we become clouds that
Drift to horizon’s edge. For days we are
Silent, until you text at night, “Meet on
Beach.” With Kaleidoscope twists,
Your eyes sparkle, passions rekindle,
Catapulting me back to your arms.
Inseparable, you are the winds that streak
The sea. I’m heaving waves that explode
On ship’s bow.

Why do I love you and our kaleidoscope
Romance? It’s mercurial, ravenous, and when
We must separate, our love reposes quietly
Between blanket folds, the romance
Two married island women secretly share.


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