"Mother of Sisera..." Albert J. Moore, 1861, WikiArt.
“Mother of Sisera…” Albert J. Moore, 1861, WikiArt.

Part 4: Ancestral Verse-Prayers

Sun eclipsed by sucdding cloud, wet snow
Fell upon summer mountain peaks, covering
Stone steps, Tal”May, Kabylah mist ascending
To messenger’s burial crypt. “Repeat verses
As prayers,” Tal’May advised, bare feet taking
First steps, following Kabyrah, thorn-cuts leg
Bleeding, each tier of steps spirit cleansing, as
Holy sacrament of oil, wine, ritual laves, body
And soul sanctified, blood dripping on steps,
Foot-rising altar stones.

Yet, in pilgrimage, Tal’May and Kabyrah drew
Love and strength from the other, faith through
Humble perseverance, rising into thunderous
Clouds, reverberating assaults upon mountains,
Mortal hearts, another landing, snow-covered
Verse:  “Mother to us all, Earth is eldest being,
Fertile fields her womb, harvests milk of her
Breasts, flowing hair creatures of sea and sky.”
More than verses, these are foreshadowings,
Thought Tal’May, implications for Kabyrah.

O! Bloodstained living stone, divination of
Unsuspecting child, blesséd or accursed,
Kabyrah ascended higher, body and memory
Lost to opaque clouds, prayers for warmth
And sunny breaks, benevolence and power
Of sun-discerning crystal, messenger’s bones
Awaiting as if suitor-lover. Steps narrowed
Rough and crude, footing lost on misshaped,
Slanting rock, with each step trespasses and
Sins Tal’May and Kabyrah were atoned.

"Mary Magdalene," Guido Reni, 1616, WikiArt.
“Mary Magdalene,” Guido Reni, 1616, WikiArt.

Last verse most enigmatic, “Malleable flesh
And bone, potter’s wheel upon high cloud,
God-shaped and kiln glazed, for those so
Reaching airy summit heights, shall face
Both crucible of fire.” Reciting verses loud
And true, warming sun erupted on frozen
Peaks, wonders of radiant crystal Tal’May
And Kabyrah beheld. Before them bolted
Bronze, ancient crypt door hinges creaked,
Admittance to Kabyrah only given.

Written whilst listening to “A New World,” Harry Gregson-Williams,
original motion picture soundtrack for “Kingdom of Heaven.”

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