"Temple at Karnak, City of Thebes, Egypt," David Roberts, WikiArt.
“Temple at Karnak, City of Thebes, Egypt,” David Roberts, WikiArt.

Part 3: Servitors of Life-Miracles

Cavernous mountain shrine, stone pillars
Paint-embellished, ornate designs, Tal’May
And Kabyrah discovered torch-illuminated
Hallways, walls inscribed in ancient texts,
Time-lost languages, pictograms describing
Religious rites, messenger-prophets, sun-
Collecting crystals, divination of solar rays,
Sentient-healing, basis of their faith, each
Messenger ordained with light-focusing
Crystals, servitors of life-miracles, knowledge
Since antiquity, coveted and concealed.

After deciphering pictograms of luminous
Sun, Tal’May asked, “Child, what memories
Do you recall prior to vision of messenger?”
“Exploring lower terraced trails,” Kabyrah
Replied, eyes gleaming as gold-illuminated
Inscriptions. “Somehow I know these sidereal
Writings,” she offered, frail frame shivering.
“They tell of primeval mother, destinies we
Share, ascending stepped passageway to
Messenger’s bones, crystals sun-streaming.

Alas! Wall engravings related accounts of
Those who knew aged messengers, wisdom-
Warnings of crystal powers: “I pondered if he
Was mortal man, healing prophet or divine,
for he wielded horrific powers: death and
Resurrection, warming dormant fields, ability
To back turn days, halting warring legions,
Caring for a hungry child.” Tal’May feared
Traversing steps slicked by freezing rain,
Death plunging into cloud-swept abyss.

"Egyptian Water Carrier," Jean-Leon Gerome, circa 1882, Wikiart photo.
“Egyptian Water Carrier,” Jean-Leon Gerome, circa 1882, Wikiart.

Yet, other tasks awaited: whilst climbing
Steps, memorizing rock-carved ancestral
Verse, one at ten protected landings, each
Recited to gain entrance to burial crypt.
Poetry of archaic languages, refrains raised
Beyond cloud to solar gods, heights shaggy
Goats avoided, testing faith and courage,
Flesh and bone. First of these stated:
“With feet unsandaled, head and face
Veil-covered, first steps wide-secure, be
Not pale nor pallid ascending airy heights.”

Next is Part 4: Ancestral Verse-Prayers.

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