"Portrait of a Girl," Mikhail Nesterov, 1890, Wikiart.
“Portrait of a Girl,” Mikhail Nesterov, 1890, Wikiart.

Part 2: Deific Messenger Revealed

Confused-conflicted child, Kabyrah recalled
Nothing prior to her vision, neither family
Nor uncounted days wandering into rocky
Thorn-thick tangles, collapsing at meadow
Stream, cold and water-soaked, found by
Shepherd dogs. Following deep-rutted cart
Trails, Tal’May kept non-judgmental silence,
Kabyrah’s mind vision-touched, disjointed
From body, soul ascending to airy heights,
Sight of messenger divine, forgotten dead.

O! In innocent-ignorance, Kabyrah took to
High mountain passes, following trumpet’s
Clarion call, she knew not who or where she
Was, aside from inching along narrow rocky
Ledge, stone-face massive lost to cloud. Lo!
Above them heavens revolved, sunlit shadows
Of towering city spires vexed Tal’May’s mind,
For they had reached realm suspended tween
Heaven, sea, and earth, not lost but found,
Before them vision of messenger revealed.

Vacillating light of sun, cloud, and stone,
Deific voice announced, “I am here.” Ledge
Turning to granite pillars, more shrine than
Tomb, towering entrance opened into living
Rock, Kabyrah and Tal’May fell to knees upon
Such sights, prostrate, foreheads touching
Sun-warmed steps. Miracles multiplied, before
Them appeared fiery sandaled feet, arms
Lifting pilgrimaged pair, eyes heavenward,
Divine messenger stated, “Welcome!”

"On the Mountains," Mikhail Nesterov, 1896, WikiArt.
“On the Mountains,” Mikhail Nesterov, 1896, WikiArt.

On terraced steps trembling, Tal’May and
Young Kabyrah followed light, shrine opened
Amongst radiant clouds. Set before them
Fruit honeyed breads, watered-wine, clear
Pools for soul-renewing laves. Not odyssey
Ending, but arduous beginning, narrow steps
Rose, twisting higher into opaque mist, acts
Of prayerful faith, denial, for bones of ancient
Prophet rested time-sealed in sky-hewn
Crypt on snowy mountain peaks.

Written whilst listening to “Don’t Go” by Hannah Georgas.

Bones yet to be discovered yearn for life, to breathe, to move
again. T
hus is the odyssey of Kabyrah and Tal’May in Part 3.

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