Saint Thelka, 11th century fresco in Saviour Cathedral of Chernihiv, Russia, 2007. Wikipedia photo.
Saint Thelka, 11th century fresco in Saviour Cathedral of Chernihiv, Russia, 2007. Wikipedia photo.

Immortals have dwelled with humanity since
Antiquity, favored of the gods, their offspring,
Those anointed semi-divine. During classical
Periods, they walked amongst mortals, some to
Lessen burdens, others chose to perplex, they
Made their presence known to great afford,
Life of adoration, worshiped on bended knee.

As Greek and Roman columns toppled, heroic
Accomplishments fell into dark dismay, sacked
By pagan hordes, that understood not majesty and
Architecture they destroyed, disrespect of classical
Deities. When Dark Ages descended, decades of
Plagues and famine, immortals shunned human
Pestilence, countless dead, death’s harkening call.

Immortals feared not dying. Instead, they felt
Pain of loves lost, scattered by old age, disease,
Wars, final pages unforeseen. In seclusion, they
Banded together amongst ocean shores, mountain
Meadows, through field and fallow, denying love,
Avoiding heartfelt affections, fleeting pleasures
Of flesh, adoring eyes and arms.

For centuries, they escaped mankind until a
Higher voice summoned them to cast off their
Self-protecting ways. Over gradual years, they
Appeared in remote hamlets, weary travelers,
Hungry, homeless. Some suffering and down
Trodden, others taken in by caring souls,
Who in God’s love, provided for their needs.

Divine immortals have served in all life-roads,
At times recognized for their celestial light,
Eyes translucent and bright, caring faces of love,
Pure sentience. Amongst daily life they appear:
Artists, street musicians, persons of God, all
Faiths, veiled or unveiled, with or without heavy
Crosses to bear, immortality descending from
Heaven’s bosom, guidance from radiant realms.

Today, they quietly attend mankind, gentle
Healing words or touch to soothe weary hearts,
Allay disease. Over ages they evolved, their role
Redefined by eternal divine that they acknowledge
And give praise, holy gifts bestowed for humanity’s
Troubling times, venerable wanderers, returning
One day to creator’s celestial light.

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