“Overlooking ocean vistas, distant clifftops, recently maneuvered…”

Crossing morning meadow, pebbled cove
Ascending seaward trails, rain-wet roots
And rocks, winding forests deep, sun rising
Along Fundy clifftops, misty, rain drizzling,
Cap-brim dripping, trail-hiking decisions,
Beyond turning back, I am lone face in rain,
Pushing upward through bowing ferns, past
Moss-covered stones, rivulets of water, trek
Transformed to spiritual journey, testing
Endurance, stamina of body-soul.

With each step, slow and arduous, I am
Grandeur-swept, solitary hiker ancient
Wood surrounded, island within an island,
Another turn through laurels, downward
Sloping, rocky stream crossing, rising up
Again, pounding heart, heaving breaths,
Trail following, life reaffirmed. Yet within
This wilderness, I am here, found myself
Along life’s path, overlooking ocean vistas,
Distant clifftops, recently maneuvered,
Skirting dangerous heights.

How can I remain suspended in this bliss,
Separation from madding world? By walking
Deeper until trail turns to meandering
Wagon trails, knee-high grass, old orchards,
Stone foundations, someone sturdier than
Myself, who admired sloping hillsides,
Sun-warmed meadows, human roots and
Roof laid down, to live, to toil at edge of
Ecstasy, where others only passed, ten or
Twenty years ago, longer by weathered
Hand-hewn wooden steps.

“Splash of red paint trail marking, turns through stands of spruces…”

Splash of red paint trail marking, turns
Through stands of spruces, another rocky
Stream, trail-head lies ahead, my exit to
Paved roads. Tendency is to turn around,
Embrace forest isolation, but I am to skin
Cold-soaked, dripping wet, trekking in
Rain-damp boots, imagining hot coffee,
Warm bath – or as I know better, walking
Trail in reverse, up and down, and back
Again, observed from fresh perspectives,
Hiking moments shared.

Song remembered hiking, shared now: “My Face in
the Rain,” (Remastered) 
Vangelis: Delectus album:

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