Nachvak Fjord, Torngat Mountains, Labrador
Nachvak Fjord, Torngat Mountains, Labrador

Realization that home is far away is
Often troublesome, making decisions
Difficult to discern. My inner tide
Flows north to Labrador. As much
Anticipation as sorrow, Atlantic
Canada must give way to higher
Latitudes, of shores foreboding and
Remote, boundless serenity rarely
Witnessed by human eye, sun-flamed
Skies, emblazoned mountains,
Vaulting snow-crested heights.

Since antiquity, an austere beauty has
Walked this noble land. A desolate era
Best understood by tribes of nomadic
Archaic Indians and Inuit, aboriginal
Peoples who first roamed Labrador’s
Hammered ranges. Guided by Shaman,
They adopted nomadic life in
Fellowship with nature’s spiritual
Wisdom, following migrating herds of
Barren-land caribou, wanderers of the
Subarctic taiga.

My place of peace is up on Labrador,
Among its high-sloped beaches, jewel-
Laden streams, rough-hewn fishing
Stations, where heroic Vikings, father
Of my father’s father conquered
And explored, struggling life of sea-
Saga, glories briefly glimpsed, hopes
And habitation lost within the
Transitory hand of time.

In knowledge of this humbling past,
Wind and salt spray beckon, compelling
What I do, to begin anew in northern
Climes. There, I can live in breezes free
Amongst these splendorous places,
Inspiring light, soul’s restoration, an
Earthly foothold, aspirations of courage
And strength, faith of heavenly climbs.

Battle Harbour, Labrador, Summer Fishing Station, National Historic Site of Canada.
Battle Harbour, Labrador, Summer Fishing Station, National Historic Site of Canada.

An irresistible sea voyage beckons. As
Gathering winds fill sails, I steer north
On restless waves past towering alabaster
Majesties, icebergs bathed in turquoise
Welling brine. My course set true, distant
Shores delight, guided by low-angled
Morning light, fishing boats with seabirds
Circling overhead, accented voices of
Fisherfolk I know and love on the coast
Of Labrador.

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