"Shepherd and His Flock," Charles Jacque, 1875, WikiArt photo.
“Shepherd and His Flock,” Charles Jacque, 1875, WikiArt photo.

Come my friends to promise of healing cedars,
Past rolling pastures green, seclusion of mossy
Glades and soothing springs await you. Sun-
Reaching wildwoods eclipse clouds of sorrow,
Fear and death are no more. Beyond mortal
Tracts of time, we greet you with prayerful
Incantations, hopeful praise to blesséd gods.

Yes, innocents died when blades and blood
Were drawn, darksome moments grasping for
Life, youthful ambitions reluctantly lost to
Soul’s silent sleep, loved ones and family last
Thoughts. Now angst-awakened, you wander
As aimless shades, without reassurance of
What lies beyond familiar earthly days.

Come take my hand and follow me, for I have
Taken this heavenly path many times before,
To rest and to learn of what new tomorrows
Bring. Know that love does time-endure, those
Ties connected by eternal silver threads cannot
Be forsaken, not by man nor wrath of war, time-
Lessly divine, they forever belonging to you.

"On the Pasture," Charles Jacque, 1860, WikiArt photo.
“On the Pasture,” Charles Jacque, 1860, WikiArt photo.

Amongst these healing trees, we greet suffering
Not with bitterness but with faith and prayer.
Give yourself to forgiveness and rising light,
Guidance of chorused voices, and when ready,
Gods will greet you amongst radiant clouds. For
Now, take rest with splendor of this ancient
Grove, shared visions of everlasting peace.

My effort at Greek poetry of Œtæan Mountain
shepherds for those who died in Brussels attacks.

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