RememberingWhat is happiness? Certainly more than
Absence of sorrows, grey-streaked clouds
Out-stretched across life and love, pained
Tumults on solemn horizons, rough seas,
Lost bearings, crashing waves.

For me, happiness is being with someone
I love, gentle affections, kind deeds, mesh
Of time and quiet sunlit joys, caring words
And touches, restful sleep, breathing in
Unison, arms and legs entwined.

At times, happiness is sea and sky, welling
Brine calling deep within my soul, ethereal
plane, stars touching, venturing beyond
Sighted shores, lighthouses, and familiar
Clangs of home buoy bells.

When churning home, pleasures these are
Indeed, dark-piercing beacons on frigid winter
Nights, bow heavy with frozen spray, week
Of fishing, hauling nets beneath glaring
Halogens, cold-numbed muscle and bone.

Happiness is when I return home to you,
Cheerful face waiting at docks, scarf and
Gloves, breath steaming, loving waves as
We make final turns, fish laden, securing
Lines, lashing cleat to post, me to you.

For those standing rooted on the shore,
They rarely fathom such happiness, sweet
Sorrows and love, tangled emotions, to push
Seaward, to fish, and to return, reaffirmation
Of happiness, sea and love.

For fishing families who greet their loved ones dock-side when trawlers come home.

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