Hrönn as "Mermaid" by Russian artist Alena Lazareva.
Hrönn as “Mermaid” by Russian artist Alena Lazareva.

Arches of dark spruces shrouded the narrow
Path leading to a secluded inlet bounded by
Craggy cliffs. Too hazardous and shallow for
Fishing dory, equally arduous for a stilted
House, yet it was idyllic for watching puffins
Fluttering to and from their rocky warrens

Often reserved for a couple’s romantic tryst,
The inlet provided seclusion for lovemaking,
A chilling ocean dip, afterwards with legs and
Arms intertwined, basking shamelessly in
Warm radiance of the Newfoundland sun.

Enticed by Actæon-like danger, I approached
Cerulean light, a glimmering limpid pool,
Where a woman bathed nude amongst purple
Rocks. With sword-in-hand, a manservant
Protected her, muscularity for simple needs.
A chaste sea goddess, she forbade herself taint
Of earthly love, preferring secluded modesty,
Laving balms of soothing crystal streams.

As protector of Nordic oceans, her golden locks
Streamed filaments across icy waters, adorning
Them with spawning life. On this rare, Avalonian
Summer day, she reposed in graceful female
Form within her sacred temple, unaware of my
Amorous desires growing within.

My fiancé’s distant call startled the goddess to
Her feet. Discovered, I stood humbled in
Presence of Hrönn, the Welling Wave, daughter
Of Ægir and Rän. As a woman, to secretly
Admire her virgin beauty was unfathomable

She had read my offending thoughts, to embrace
As female lovers, enraptured in forbidden
Pleasures, ecstasy of sea and sun. My trespass
Punished, I would never know affections or touch
Of men or derive pleasure in warming sun.
Bound in eternal servitude, I am Isgerðr, pagan
Handmaiden of Hrönn.

As free-floating Arctic ice, Isgerðr bathed in her
Liquid yearnings for Hrönn. Shunning summer
Sun, Isgerðr groaned in measured agony as she
Disintegrated in lapping seas, reborn in winter-
Cold desolation to serve Hrönn anew as her
Obedient hand servant.

sun and sea ice

Hrönn, one the nine daughters of Ægir and Rän, was a Nordic sea goddess who bathed in chaste seclusion. Isgerðr is the female variant of “ice garden” or “ice on sea or water.”

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