Blue Ice SeasPlace of solitude and peace, the vast ocean
Is sequestered from worldly angst. Source of
Energy and life, fishers plow cresting waves,
Navigating a broad-curving liquid sphere.

Whilst piloting through drifting sea ice, purpose
Is realized, working for and with each other,
Self-reliance, enduring long hours, heaving
Nets, taking fish, making a hard-earned living.

For some, the ocean possesses deep primeval
feelings, spiritual and knowing, where intro-
Spection leads to understanding, first darkly,
Then revealing; oh guiding heavenly light!

Some believe oceans are divine, trinity of sea-
Water, salt air, and sunlight. I pray at lucent
Dawn that God will protect us from rough
Weather, tempests howling during cold nights.

With every set, the ocean provides thousands
Of fish wrested from its depths, pouring onto
Trawl decks, heart-beats frozen within the
Hold, buried beneath shoveled ice.

As stern-trawlers operate on deep-sea canyons,
Day-shapes, flags flying, they bristle with radio
Antennas, keeping in touch on heaving brine,
Safe return to home ports and to waiting families.

Written whilst on the sea…

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