Sunlight MarshWhat happens when death comes? Will
I slip into an eternal black sleep? Suffer
Unbearable mortal cold or be swathed in
Eternal warmth? Or will my soul dissolve
Like morning sunlight among the sea
Marshes and flowered meadows. These
Things I do not know, enough to discuss,
Much less comprehend today.

With some, however, death is release from
Old age, disease, and slow decay, a hope
Beyond confinement of a hospital bed,
A trembling voice losing grip with family,
Burdens of earthly love. That much I
Have witnessed, the last sigh of breath,
And like many others, wept tears of loss,
When extended arms of angels, take
Them home at last.

For young people who have died before
Their time, disrupting predestined plans,
Death screams defiantly of loves and
Victories lost, life cut short in agony
When others less worthy glide through
Allotted days, never pursuing purpose or
Contemplating why they hid themselves
From God.

If I die before my time, I will continue as
A guiding ghost, a magical voice, saving
The unaware before disaster strikes or
advising softly in the night, dreams among
Blanket folds, or if needed, insistently
thumping, bumping by their head, so they
Cannot sleep restfully upon their pillows.

If I am seen or sensed, as apparition or
Friend, I will not melt through walls or
Suddenly disappear. I will tell them who
I am, or at least who I used to be, someone
Who asked the same questions, fearful of
Death’s delirium, passage through dark doors.

When I have served my purpose to him or
Her, it matters to me not which, I will
Discover what my time on earth has
Wrought. Whether I sense radiant light or
It beckons me, with wings poised, I will
Approach it willingly, having lived two
Lives, one a mortal woman, the other a
Guiding ghost, and with love and caring,
In the fellowship of angels I will rejoice.

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