delicate-huesA sense of God, a sentient mind greater
Than what man can fathom, a lasting
Constancy I feel upon cresting seas.
These awakened feelings come as subtle
Realizations, at times revelations. They
Are warm and rich, peace and praise,
Upon the altar of my life, an ocean-going
Fishing boat, toil of muscled-faith.

First rosy streak of dawn is where I
Sense Godly presence, beckoning light
Ascending gradually, hopes promised,
Gentle, timeless voice in waiting clouds,
Warming beams, shimmering on wave
Crests, illuminating the heart, a pitching
Pilot house, foam-drenched trawl decks,
Transforming cold spray pains to
Prayerful acknowledgement of divine.

As sun descends into restive clouds, dusk
Brings mariners a myriad of delicate hues,
God’s gleaming edge for those who risked
All working in wailing winds, hard journey
Weaving waves home to loving arms,
Crackling fires, fatigued sense of worth,
Home buoys clanging, reassuring shore
Lights, safely guided by knowing hands.

On calm nights when radar is clear, I cut
Deck lights. As my eyes adjust, I begin to
Reckon heavens, celestial firmament,
Splendorous silence of multispectral stars,
Truth spoken without words, deeper
Wisdom, a presented-past, wandering
Planets, silver-faced moon revealing where
Sun shines golden light half a sphere away.

From God-blessed days and nights arise
Humbled epiphany, watered eyes, creation
Connected, sea embracing sand, persistent
Surf smoothing jagged rock, souls eternally
Coupled, man prostrate at angel’s feet, vast
Universe formed whole, incantations
Resonating beyond space-time, life palpable
As a mariner’s bounding pulse.

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