“Polished bits of frosted blue, green…”

Mysteries of Grand Manan sea-glass, found
In lapping surf on pebbled beaches. How
Did wave-smoothed bits of history arrive
On Bay of Fundy island shores? Perhaps
They came from shipwrecks: steamers,
Barques as Lord Ashburton, mid-winter
Crashing ‘neath towering cliffs, collision
Of glassware, plates, fragments sent to
Ocean depths, wave washed for murky
Decades. Today, coloured sea-glass serves
As time-suspended memories, cottage
Decorations, polished bits of frosted blue,
Green, opalescence filling jars and vases.

See link for more on January, 1857 shipwreck of the “Lord Ashburton.”
Collection of Grand Manan sea-glass, including a random marble.
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