“The Gleaner,” Jules Breton, 1900, WikiArt.

Part 2: Glenzy Becomes Glenneth

Of seeds and soil, I, Glenzy, best related,
Sun-warming dark earth, memory-learnt
Verses recited to pagan worshipers, spring
Rains, rituals, birthing field beasts. Custom
Nothing of our ancient religion was written,
Recorded not on vellum nor on parchment,
Except I had heart-deep urge to write, archaic
Alphabets, languages, customs of merchants,
Goods and gifts, seduction of alluring eyes,
Foreign faces, male, female alike. This our
Tribes accepted, so profited, sailing ships
Visiting our rocky Albion island shores.

Yet, I found religious mysticism in dreams,
How time in sleep disappeared, spirit-world
Island dwellers walking hillsides and fields.
Secrets revealed to teaching Druid priestess,
“Yes, Holy Mother, I have dreams, but vivid
Dream-state has me.” Thus, I explained: Time
Was cart wheel within wheel, turning one way
Then another, wooden spokes were pathways,
Leading to and from visible world. These time-
Lands, misty fields and hillsides, I have walked
Alone, archaic peoples, standing stone erecting,
Future folk treading upon our grassy graves.

Alas! In relating this, my mind spirited away,
Sacred hillside, ceremonies of purification and
Regeneration, new year beginning, cast aside
Old things, blood of sacrifice, coupling on
Men and women, most holy of pagan rites.
Approached I was by elder priestess woman,
Unknown to me, yet dressed in tribal robes.
“Come, Glenneth,” to my mind she spoke, no
Words said aloud. Eyes of silver flame, my
Face she cupped by her hands, captivated
I was. Forehead to forehead pressed, her lips
To mine in deep embrace, First thoughts,
“Attacked! I am attacked!”

“Wheel of Fortune,” Odion Redon, WikiArt.

Lo! This was no attack, but melding of two
Minds, goddess to mortal, her breath in me
Instilled. First I fought, drowning sensations,
Life-air taken. Then words: “Relax, receive.”
Limp I became, two of us breathed as one,
Rising high amongst sea clouds, visions of
Earth’s creation, epochs passing, gods and
Goddesses roaming world anew. “Within
you, Glenneth is gifted language of the gods,
Light-imparted thoughts followers will
Understand, prophetic scripture recorded,
Far-seeing blessings this day received.

In this poem, adolescent Glenzy is elevated to Glenneth, Druid priestess, first to record age-old memorized verses into prophetic  scripture. Why is this important?
According to Wikipedia, comparatively little is known about Celtic polytheism as evidence is fragmentary, since Celts did not write about their religion.  For more,
see this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celtic_polytheism 
Thanks for reading this historical fiction.

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