“Morning in a Villiage,” Fyodor Vasilyev, 1869, WikiArt.

Part 1: Fertility Rituals Revealed

Celtic village life bustling dawn to dusk,
Farming, animal breeding, sheep in roaming
Herds, metal smiths, clang of hammers,
Tool and weapon crafting, edge honing,
Woodworking, clothing made and mended,
Heavy stones gathered, placed in squares
Or circles house-building foundations,
Appeal of oceans, distant shores, fishing,
Ships constructed, sails, rigging, nets.
Life’s daily rhythms, rising sun, moon,
Stars, Druid religion, gods and goddesses
Mystical, magical swirling all around.

Nights I returned home to my family, our
Evening meals with prayers, yet I, Glenzy,
Was not part of them, parents, siblings
Felt this as we supped in silence, bronze
Cauldron stew fire-warming, honeyed-
bread thick-slice cut, smoky thatched
Roof hut, thus are my memories, secret
Stanzas, Celtic adolescent girl. Lo! My
Religious calling, novitiate priestess of
Pagan faith, verse learning, forest
Sequestered on Albion ocean shores.

As with ancient ages, how do I explain
Inexplicable, things no adolescent girl
Should have seen or done, meaning of
Fertility rites learnt, bull and cow, hooves
Pawing cow back, distressed eyes, moaning,
Over-powering thrusts, seed of life planted.
Newly bleeding girl, I looked at myself in
Horrid disgust, same occurring to me,
Celtic men upright-walking bulls. Afraid,
Into forest I ran, curséd girl from myself
Escaping, throw myself from rocky heights,
Until I heard my mother’s voice, loving
Hugs received, consoling words.

“Girl Guarding Cows,” Jules Breton, 1872, WikiArt.

“What your father and I do is in love,”
Mother explained. Mystical union bringing
You, Glenzy, your siblings into birth-life.”
Mother wiping tears from face, I offered
Reluctant nods, yet I knew more of which
She spoke, Celtic men, women, minds lost,
Drunken solstice rituals, naked mating
Round roaring fires, human bulls, cows
Aroused to fervent heights. New breasts
And hair, repulsed I was by body pawing,
Inviolate I would lifelong remain. Hearing this,
Mother in silence smiled, knowing otherwise. 

Who is Glenzy or Glenneth? From dark Celtic ages she emerged, era with minimal written records, small voice began writing verse, personal experiences whilst in training as Druid priestess. She is daughter of metal-smith family, nomadic tribe, seafaring migration from modern-day Europe to British Isles. Beyond this, we will learn together as her poetry is posted. So far, what can inferred about Glenzy?
Thanks for reading. 

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