Burnt Island Lighthouse, Maine, photo U. S. Coast Guard.
Burnt Island Lighthouse, Maine, built 1821, photo U. S. Coast Guard.

Beyond rocky headlands, past flame of whale-
Oil rotating beams, within clustered spruces,
Eerie lights appear, death-weary apparitions
Wandering hammered shores of Maine’s Burnt
Island Light. Some say shimmering forms are
Father and son lost whilst tending cod traps
On heaving island bays, that they recount their
Fatal days if listening at water-edge granite steps.

Those who live on Maine islands and remember
Aftermath of New England Hurricane of ‘38 say
Ghosts are more than two dead, but families
Lost up and down the coast to towering waves,
Heart-chilling screams of dozens swept to cold
Sea depths, in angst clinging to each other in
Secluded safety of thick spruces on banks of
Booth Bay harbored shores.

Here, light of heaven shines sweetly and com-
Forting for those who cannot make the soul-
Climb to clouds crimson bright, divine heart-
Warming hands, understanding and forgiving,
Assuaging pain of tormented death, who shudder
In past echoes of howling winds and thundering
Seas, for them all is not lost, as hope and faith
Will lift them steadily free.

Beneath broad sunlight beams, anxious souls
Give rise, some arm-in-arm, brothers, sisters,
Separated families, ascend in God’s guiding
Grace, uncertainty given to reassurance, life
Anew is waiting, soul-connections made in love
Are severed not by death, return to live again
On Maine’s coast within familiar rotating beams,
Shelter of Burnt Island light.

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