“Majesty of three towering oaks, near-perfect triangle formed…”

Elements of earth and air held sacred
Meaning for Gemma, Druid worship
Oft present in wooded groves, glades,
Fellowship with nature, worshipped in
Secluded ceremonies. Most revered was
Sunlit morning mist, spirits arising from
Cold earth, given life by warming sun,
Vaporous light moving amongst trees,
Clinging to mistletoe-bearing oaks,
Stout trunks, strong limbs, branches
Sky-reaching. Gemma recognized wind-
Felt presence of Ancient Ones, prayers,
Offerings, chanting half-naked, bone-
Handle knife and blood, awakening
Nature deities, divine connections,
Guidance for her arduous life-path.

For Gemma, oneness with nature was
Expressed by windblown leaves in open
Groves, wind streaming petals of trees
Blooming, first-falling rain, snow, subtle
Voices in forest quietude, speaking to
Attuned ears. From respectful distance,
I observed Gemma at her sacred place,
Majesty of three towering oaks, near-
Perfect triangle formed. In stone-ringed
Clearing, she made bare-breasted silent
Prayers, then sing-song aloud, treetops
Swaying in sunny winter wind. What did
I sense or feel? Ancient forces, shoving
Wind upon my face and side, I stayed
With Gemma, no desire to ridicule or
To walk away in disbelief.

“Oneness with nature was expressed by windblown leaves in open groves…”

No, I was not trespasser, but outsider to
Sacred rituals, ceremonies about which
I knew so  little. With open mind, I dared
Remained, lest I offend nature deities.
“Take off your shirt,” Gemma invited,
Nakedness of soul and body within sunlit
Triangular oaks. Plucked from nearby trees,
Sprigs of holly I offered, sharp-pointed
Leaves finger bloodletting, something of
Myself offered to Druid gods. What did I
Feel, realize? Wind, leaves swirling all round,
Moments where no words were needed,
Communion with nature beyond this tract
Of woods or in three stanzas.* “There’s more
To understand, to learn,” Gemma stated, no
Expectations past those described today.

*More-revealing fourth stanza and photo removed at Gemma’s request.
Watercolour photographs made using Waterlogue app.
Thanks for reading.  

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