“Perched ten feet from foaming edge, I
Learnt about Fundy nor’easters…”

During winter months, no “rents” are open
On fishing islands, cottages, cabins closed.
Whilst lobstering, able hand on forty-foot
Boat, I stayed at tiny island house, fishing
Stage or outport sitting above crashing
Waves, hand-packed riprap, hard-turning
Gravel road, no running water, one door,
One room, two windows. This is where
I lived cold months, Bay of Fundy shores.

Neighbor’s house up the hill, winding
Rocky path, back door unlocked, mad
Dash to washroom, quick showers in
Early morning hours. Yes, tiny house
Had electricity, microwave, refrigerator,
Two-by-four kitchen table, single bed,
Some place to rest my aching back after
Wrestling jumbo lobster traps, hit by
Freezing spray, cresting ocean waves.

Perched ten feet from foaming edge, I
Learnt about Fundy nor’easters, storm-
Facing edge of fishing isle. Dark clouds
Scudding, weather looming hours away,
Neighbors arrived in trucks: ladders,
Furring strips, nail gun, 4 mil plastic roll,
They wrapped storm-facing sides of my
Fishing house, kept me safe, dry inside,
But lessened not pounding storm.

“No regrets leaving
Tiny one-room Fundy fishing-stage…”

Predawn hours it hit, crashing spray on
Plastic, wind and rain buffeting wood-
Frame walls, reports of trees falling on
Lighthouse Road, electricity blinking off
And on, continual crash of spray until
Storm blew out to sea. Early spring I left
Fundy fishing island to safety of New
Brunswick mainland, no regrets leaving
Tiny one-room fishing-stage.

Whilst fishing-stages are more typical of Newfoundland, many small houses are found along Bay of Fundy island
shores, many close to water. Thanks for reading.

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