Dawn on frosty ocean marsh, Assateague Island, Virginia.
“Nature’s psalm-like ocean marshes, still waters…”

Few moments on seashores, waving ocean
Grass and oyster shells, I went for brisk
November walk along quiet farmland roads.
Flanked by stately pines, tops burnished
With fiery morning light, geese take to wing,
Resting overnight in seclusion of winter-
Dormant fields. For few moments, I become
Small but conscious part of such grand
Designs, nature’s psalm-like ocean marshes,
Still waters restoring weary heart and soul.

Amongst cathedral-like pines, I sense
Something else: majestic silence clothes
Deep-woods farmland. Here, I can think,
And yes, by god’s grace, take time to pray,
For what I do not know. How long has it
Been? Yet, as the trail curves ahead, I see
This as opportunity, to stop by an old
Barbwire fence, separating me from rolling
Fields, glittering with sunlit morning frost.

Sun-Streaming Salt Marsh, Assateague Island, Virginia.
“Permitting something greater to touch my life…”

Today, I turned to face warmth of rising sun,
Ignoring vexing things squelching happiness
And well-being. Quiet reflections, I realized
“Fences” had separated me from love and life.
Seeing and moving beyond them was not really
Difficult. It just took a morning walk, silent
Time to think, meditate, to pray, permitting
Something greater to touch my life on this
Frosty morning walk.

Written whilst listening to “Spellwork” by Austra:

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