"Soir Antique," Alphonse Osbert, Petit Palais, Paris, 1908, Wikimedia photo.
“Soir Antique,” Alphonse Osbert, Petit Palais, Paris, 1908, Wikimedia photo.

An ancient evening, amber Mediterranean
Sea, four Pleiad sisters to earth descended,
Resting on secluded marbled shore, hazy
Summer night before absence of their celes-
Tial lights would be noticed by mariners
Transiting fall and winter oceans, high and
Convex stellar crown in Iliad of Homer.

At sunset, they played music of the spheres,
Adoration to the gods, their creation upon
Mount Kyllini, radiant daughters of Atlas and
Pleione, Ægean sea-nymph who found velvet
Pleasures in arms of her titan lover, spawning
Seven sailing Atlantides, divine beauty each,
Transformed into stars beyond Orion’s grasp.

Sunset on lapping waves, warmth transcended
To cooling ocean breeze, Pleiads Maia, Electra,
Taygete and Alcyone searched for their lost
Sister, Merope. In pastel light declining, strings
Of lyre, enchanting refrains, petitions to archaic
Deities, return their sister, her light and future
Dimmed on this Corinthian ocean night.

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