Part 3: Nature’s Magnificence (Last)

For the two of us, ocean wind was our
Companion, coupling with living invisible.
How stiff breezes caused seagrass to wave,
Cold shuddering, seabirds darting overhead,
Surf rising high onto rocks, taste of salt spray.
We ventured along sea-cliff trails when
Others kept to inland trails, wind transformed
Placid days into roaring tumult, nature’s
Magnificence. Within swirling calamities,
We held each other, lest other became lost,
Swept away, body and soul.

Yes, when alone, together, we interpreted
Forests differently than passersby, struggling
With things they carried. For us, we bore
Life’s burdens, more weight, more steps,
Strained body, purified the heart. Older,
I agreed she should push for nearby peak,
Experience vistas alone. She would not have
It. We shed our packs, taking rocky course
Winding upward into cool-misty heights.
Hard breaths, we rested, our water shared.

Two adult women, we had separate lives,
Of which we did not speak (save necessity).
Predawn light, we held each other, unisoned
Breathing, her strong back towards me,
Hair sleeping-bag cascading, quiet moments
As our forested sphere awakened anew.
Upon returning home, separated, magic
Ended, our splendors pleasant memories,
Photographs, I viewed whilst listening to
CBC Radio 3, sips of rum and Coke. 

Thanks for reading.

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