Part 2: Shared Vision

Week later, we met again, same trailhead
Benches overlooking windswept foreshores,
Her nose, cheeks sun-tinged, hair tangles,
Benefits of sea and sun. She was younger,
Free spirit. I expected her to venture out
On her own at times without me. We were
Two of same creature, fit hand and glove,
Enjoying companionship again. We hiked,
Backpacked together, explored lonely
Places, “only the wind knew,” she said.

Into forests sanctuaries we hiked, winding
Trails, amongst lichen-covered stones, old
gnarled trees, and our worshiped place::
Long-stretching stands of hip-high ferns,
As day moved on, in sun, then in shade.
Holding hands, we gazed in reverent silence,
Our epiphany. Time-suspended moments,
As long as we stood still, lost in each other,
We glimpsed eternity.

Beyond this shared vison, anyone else would
Break the spell, not understand why we,
Through nature, communed as one, our
Single-sparked reality. Of this, we did not
Often speak. To discuss would diminish
Our encounters with ferns, forested sphere.
I will offer thus: of these ferns, I’ve taken
Dozen photographs, to capture subtleties
Of light, texture, depth, all to no avail.
Camera was blind to our love, living being. 

Thanks for reading.

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